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We are UBIX, A Digital
Universe with Endless Possibilities.

Directed Acyclic Graph

UBIX is a hybrid DAG fully built in NodeJS (github) worked on for over 4 years by a team of 17 people.


UBIX is hybrid, meaning it has different kinds (private/public) blockchains in a single network.


We have a full eco system that includes dapps, a launchpad, an exchange and a super application (our heart).

Daily 0,10% Airdrops!

Hold over 1M (native) UBX and receive 0,10% (compounding) UBX per day! For instructions click here.


Below a quick overview of the UBIX ecosystem.


UBIX is our hybrid DAG; Fully built in NodeJS (first ever!). Built in 4+ years by a team of 17. One of it's many features are smart contracts and sharding.


Our custom made (NodeJS) exchange, which is currently integrated in Ubikiri (our super app).


The first project on our eco system is SilentNotary: a notary on the blockchain. See for more information.


This is the heart of our network. It consists of the dapps of our eco system, an online wallet, our exchange, a social business network, a launchpad and more. Visit for more info.


With CrowdFeeding our clients can outsource gig projects.


This project integrates the world of DeFi into our user accounts.


Wallet as a fund: a DeFi project with a wallet that changes the structure of assets in accordance with a subscription to trading data flows.

SignItNow will be a blockchain-based service for signing documents.


Crypto depositary receipts: A system of depositary smart-contracts that connects various ecosystems for the transfer of assets by automatically issuing and redeeming crypto-depositary receipts.


This will be our integrated staking service which will be integrated into Ubikiri.


Blockchain-based voting system (vote by chain)


Reduce the risk of non-fulfillment of the contract by involving a third party - the community of guarantors that collectively makes an arbitrament.


Smart Lock backed by blockchain with smartcontracts, tokens and sovereign identity


A service for issuing tokens of various standards, integrated into the Ubikiri interface.


Decentralized Bloomberg for crypto-economy.

Our Numbers

Every day UBIX transfers millions in dollars on it's network. We currently have 22758 non-zero wallets. 6 blockchains. 73 TXs in the past day. Besides that our masternodes receives 143290729 in fees the past month, there was 10280865888 in UBX staked and our masternode holders received 17.09% in staking rewards.









Learn More About UBIX

Our innovative protocol allows developers to create their own blockchains, fully integrated into a single network without any intermediaries (gateways, beacon chains, etc.);

This allows them to integrate applications with each other at the basic level of the network. But beyond that, we are building a common universal interface that integrates applications into a single super-application, which allows end-users to seamlessly use all available services.

We also pay special attention to the economic model of our ecosystem, based on the concept of economically self-sufficient applications that generate regular income for our community

Frequently Asked Questions

Current circulation?
The current circulation is 58016855539 UBX. Our max supply is one trillion. However, the max supply is of non-importance because our DAG works with emission; Ethereum works with emission as well, however, their max supply is infinite.
How do I add the UBX token in Ubikiri?
  1. Push the Add Tokens button in your wallet.
  2. Use these contract details:
Decimals: 0
Symbol: UBX
What is wrapping/unwrapping?
We have two versions of our DAG coin. A wrapped one, which is an ETH token that resembles our DAG coin 1:1, and the unwrapped one, which is our native DAG coin.

We have two versions, because it is easier for exchanges to list our ERC20 version. We also have a TRON version and a Waves version.
How do I wrap UBX?
Wrap UBX to ERC20 UBX token
  1. Create your ETH wallet in Ubikiri.
  2. Hit the "Wrap" button.
  3. Send your UBX coins to the provided address.
  4. Add the token details.
  5. Wait for the tokens to arrive.

Click here for screenshots
How can I earn daily airdrops?
UBIX gives their investors daily 0,10% airdrops. However, in order to receive these airdrops you need native UBX. Native UBX is our DAG coin. Currently, the UBX traded on KuCoin isn't native, but the ERC-20 version.

In order to receive the daily airdrops please follow the instructions below.
  1. Buy UBX on KuCoin (or if you buy on UBIX.Exchange you don't have to do anything!)
  2. Go to and create a UBX wallet.
  3. Press the Unwrap button.
  4. Send the ERC20 UBX tokens (from KuCoin) to the ETH address on your screen.
  5. After approx. 30-60 minutes you will see (native) UBX in your wallet.

Done! Now you have native UBX coins and you will receive daily 0,10% airdrops.
How do I create a UBX wallet?
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A deeper dive into our systems. Below we picked some important topics which will give you a better knowledge about UBIX.


A short introduction into UBIX can be found here UBIX.Wiki: Introduction.

Our History

Curious about the history of our company? Read more: UBIX.Wiki: History.

Technical description

Are you tech savy enough to deal with our tech terms? Read more: UBIX.Wiki: Technical Description or view our GitHub.

Our team currently consists of 17 members...and growing!

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